Community & CSR
Community & CSR

We believe that development is a continuous and gradual process in order to improve the quality of people's lives, in the spirit of good corporate citizenship we are fully aware of our responsibilities as the agents of change in which we are obliged to bring benefits and impact the wider community. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an integral part of the Plaza Indonesia culture and is conducted regularly and continuously.

Implementation of all programs and activities of the Company’s CSR is held under Plaza Indonesia Foundation, which has been established since December 14, 2012. Plaza Indonesia Foundation has a vision to build community in order to have a variety of skills through improving the quality of education and a productive socio-economic empowerment.

We believe that CSR can lead into the future as sustainable and ethical business, it encourages us to think and act further about our people and their development, our customers, tenants, suppliers, the communities and environment around us. The core of our CSR agenda is based on the understanding that CSR is a continuity activity to provide long-term benefit and focuses on education, social, and the environment.

We strongly believe that by establishing adequate education it will lead the way for community empowerment, especially in the local community surrounds our project and supports our operations. Through the Plaza Indonesia Foundation, we have successfully launched 10 fostered kindergartens: TK Kampung Bali, TK Martapura, TK Kebon Melati, TK Kebon Kacang, TK Karet Tengsin, TK Karet Teladan, TK Petamburan, TK Airlangga, TK Gondangdia, TK Menteng.

We realized that MSMEs were severely hit by the impacts of the pandemic and therefore, we supported the sustainability of the CSR program initiated by the Board of Directors, especially to reignite growth of MSMEs who run their business near our property complex.